State of the Art Stokes Centre for Urology to host Two-day Uro-Oncology Masterclass covering latest Innovations in Prostate Cancer Pathway

State of the Art Stokes Centre for Urology to host Two-day Uro-Oncology Masterclass covering latest Innovations in Prostate Cancer Pathway
On 20th & 21st November, Professor Stephen Langley and Dr Robert Laing will be hosting a Uro-Oncology Masterclass at the state-of-the-art Stokes Centre for Urology – a major centre for the treatment of prostate cancer both for the Surrey and Sussex Cancer Alliance and nationally.
BXTAccelyon and our partner Genesis Care are proud to be supporting this two day workshop, which will look at the latest technical innovations taking place in the prostate cancer pathway, including live demonstrations of the ground-breaking PrecisionPoint™ biopsy device; the technique of rectal spacer insertion; and 4D Brachytherapy – a one-stage real-time LDR brachytherapy technique.
The aim of the Masterclass is to deliver education and training on these modern, innovative procedures, through a range of live cases, phantom work, lectures and real-world data from the Royal Surrey Hospital, looking at the impact these techniques have made to their patient pathway.
The first day’s agenda includes an overview of the PrecisionPoint transperineal access system and its role in helping clinicians and trusts to move away from the limited traditional transrectal (TRUS) biopsy to transperineal biopsy under local anaesthetic. In the afternoon Professor Langley and Dr Laing will also discuss the role of spacing gel in prostate radiotherapy, EBRT & brachytherapy. Both techniques will bedemonstrated on live cases and delegates will also have the opportunity to practice on phantoms.
Day two will focus on the 4D Brachytherapy technique, which was pioneered by Professor Langley and Dr Laing in 2012, a one stage real-time implant technique using a combination of stranded seeds around the periphery of the prostate gland and loose seeds within the centre. From a simple clinic based ultrasound scan, a web based nomogram allows the calculation of the number of stranded and loose seeds required for the procedure.
Using this novel combination technique the procedure can normally be performed within 45 minutes. Improved dosimetry and clinical outcomes together with reduced side effects have been demonstrated over traditional two stage approaches.
Additionally, the day will feature hands-on phantom work; patient selection & management of complications; focal LDR Brachytherapy; and an overview of the cost effectiveness of prostate brachytherapy as a treatment option.
Saheed Rashid, Managing Director, BXTAccelyon, comments: “We are proud to be supporting our brachytherapy partner, the Royal Surrey Hospital, in sharing the latest innovations in the prostate cancer pathway. Professor Langley and DrLaing are industry figureheads and leaders in the field of prostate cancer and brachytherapy in particular. This two-day event is a masterclass for any uro-oncologists looking to get hands-on with the newest developments to help improve the patient experience and outcomes for men with prostate cancer.”
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