Single Stage Procedure

With the advent of advanced technology and computer software, Low Dose Brachytherapy can now be administered as a single-stage procedure. 4D Braquiterapia is the new and innovative way of carrying out single stage procedures using pre-loaded stranded seeds and optimally placed central seeds ordered from a simple scan and performed in under an hour. 4D Braquiterapia is exclusively available from BXTA through its online ordering software – webBXT.


Unique e-commerce platform providing online ordering, convenient data management and automated seed calculation and order generation. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface, webBXT offers BXTA customers the opportunity to transform seed ordering practices, efficiently manage data and optimise resources all in one online resource.

Pre-loaded Kit

Sterile ready to use custom loaded kits saving time and resource in needle loading and brachytherapy procedure preparation. Ideal for busy departments with multiple procedures in one operating session. Available as TheraStrand or TheraSleeve pre-loaded custom made.

C20 Cartridge

Exclusive magazine design (C20) delivered sterile and individually packaged each C20 offers:

  • Incremental seed counter
  • Straight to source packaging to minimise exposure
  • Capacity for up to 20 seeds to reduce number of cartridge changes
  • Anti roll design
  • Compatibility with Mick Applicator

Plug-Free Needles

Plug-Free: A Revolution in Brachytherapy Needle Design. Now available in single unit packaging as well.

  • Eliminates the requirement for bone wax or synthetic plug; a small tab at the bevelled end of the needle securely holds seeds until release
  • Facilitates navigation and positioning of needle through intuitive fin-to-bevel design and consistent seed placement
  • Provides positive feedback to the operator of transition and implantation of seeds and strands

Sterile Packaging

Unique, exclusive packaging that enables strand/seed in cartridge activity measurement without compromising sterility. Saves time and cost as source holders do not require repeat autoclaving. Strand assay can be performed at a  time that is convenient for the implant team.


IsoLoader is a flexible, quick and convenient intra-operative solution to creating high quality strands within the operating room.

  • Simple to use, quality engineered device enables customised strands to be built in real time with a sterile environment
  • Unique technology encapsulates the seeds securely within the strand to prevent separation after implantation
  • Strands can be loaded directly into pre-plugged and Plug-Free needles, or into transfer tubes and after-loaded
  • Stranded and variable load seed/spacer combinations possible, ideal for central needle loads.

View the IsoLoader video

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