4D Brachytherapy™

4D Brachytherapy™ is a one-stage implant technique using a combination of pre-loaded stranded seeds around the periphery of the prostate gland and seeds optimally placed within the centre. From a simple clinic-based scan, a web-based nomogram allows the calculation of the number of stranded and central seeds required for the procedure.

Using this novel combination technique the procedure can normally be performed within 45 minutes. Improved dosimetry and clinical outcomes together with reduced side effects have been demonstrated over traditional two-stage approaches.

View A Practical Guide to 4D Brachytherapy™

To learn more please click on the below videos to view a practical guide to a successful 4D Brachytherapy technique.

4D Brachytherapy™ benefits:

  • Real-time technique utilising accurate computer based planning in theatre to optimise dose.
  • Time efficient, taking approximately 45 minutes in theatre
  • Stranded seeds reduce risk of seed displacement amd improved radiation coverage of the gland.
  • Utilises a library of web-based nomograms to achieve optimal seed placement.
  • Individual seeds are implanted in the centre of the gland to reduce urethral dose.
  • By reducing the time to perform the implant it improves efficiency and reduces potential complications
  • Using optimally placed seeds allows dose to be increased in the areas of the gland where the tumour is situated.

To view our online 4D Brachytherapy ordering system please click on the video below.


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