A BXTA passou a ser o parceiro de distribuição global da MRI PRO, a nova ferramenta de autoaprendizagem online de RMN prostática.

A BXTA tem o prazer de anunciar um acordo global com a MRI PRO that will see us distribute this new, online self-learning tool for prostate MRI diagnostics, designed and developed by a team of specialist MRI radiologists and urologists.

With high-level evidence (1, 2, 3, 4) now confirming prostate MRI’s place in the diagnostic process of prostate cancer detection internationally, demand for healthcare professionals experienced in interpreting and accurate reporting of MRI scans is skyrocketing. Gaining the experience that is required for accurate interpretation of prostate MRI is essential, but is difficult to obtain without the availability of immediate histological feedback. MRI PRO addresses this global need.

Saheed Rashid, Diretor geral da BXTA comenta: “A RMN prostática representa a fase imediata no diagnóstico do cancro da próstata, mas há uma procura não satisfeita de ensino e formação na técnica e interpretação de RMN por todos os profissionais de saúde, incluindo a formação de pessoal de enfermagem, jovens médicos, urologistas e radiologistas. Assim sendo, a BXTAccelyon orgulha-se de ser o distribuidor global desta plataforma de aprendizagem online que abre caminho para o ensino da RMN.”

MRI PRO is a subscription-based e-learning platform that allows healthcare professionals to test themselves on 300 of the highest quality histology-verified prostate MRI cases. All cases on MRI PRO are acquired and reported to PIRADS v.2 specifications, using 3T magnets and expert prostate MRI radiologists and experts. Users submit their answers on PIRADS score, location of index lesions and staging information for each case, and get instant feedback on how they did, including access to the actual biopsy report. The platform provides users with performance over time, with a percentage score of correct answers for the last 20 and 50 cases reviewed.

MRI PRO is also accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), the American Medical Association (AMA), the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists to earn CME points.

Associate Professor Jeremy Grummet of  MRI PRO, adds: “As an organisation, we are committed to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of prostate cancer biopsy, and recognise the hugely important role MRI diagnostics can play. These are values which are also closely mirrored by the team at BXTA; their approach to training whole prostate cancer teams in the PrecisionPoint biopsy device is one we welcome, and are keen to mirror. We are pleased to partner with BXTA with the aim of improving the overall patient experience and delivering the best possible health outcomes.”





The MRI PRO prostate MRI training course tutorial is available to view on YouTube.

MRI PRO’s Prostate Imaging Masterclass for USANZ’s 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting took place as a webinar with the cancellation of the Sydney event.
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