BXTAccelyon becomes sole distribution partner for new transperineal prostate biopsy device

12th July 2017: BXTAccelyon, the leading low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy partner to hospitals and clinics worldwide, is proud to announce it has become the sole distribution partner outside North America for the PrecisionPointTM Transperineal Access System, a new medical device that is set to revolutionise prostate biopsies.

Developed in response to the increased adoption of active surveillance and the disadvantages in transrectal biopsy approaches, PrecisionPointTM which has been developed and patented by the US based company Perineologic is the first FDA approved device that allows a free-handed transperineal biopsy of the prostate. The low-cost, disposable device represents a safer and more accurate method for urologists to detect potential incidents of prostate cancer at an earlier stage of progression, through its ability to systematically allow access to the whole prostate gland.

Saheed Rashid, Managing Director, BXTAccelyon, comments: “Earlier detection of prostate cancer is proven to widen the available treatment options to patients, which will improve outcomes whilst reducing potential adverse side-affects and / or relapse. BXTAccelyon is therefore proud to be the sole distributor for this advanced new methodology.”

The PrecisionPointTM system takes full advantage of the transperineal path to more thoroughly sample all regions of the prostate including those difficult to access with the traditional transrectal approach. In addition, the potential for infection is significantly reduced, since passage of the biopsy needle avoids the rectal wall contaminants entirely. Equally importantly, biopsies can be performed under local anaesthesia rather than general, which saves resources, cost and significantly improves the overall patient experience.

Dr. Matthew Allaway, CEO, Perineologic, adds: “As an organisation, we are strong advocates of an integrated approach to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of treatment options for urological disorders, including prostate cancer. These are values which are also closely mirrored by the team at BXTAccelyon; their approach of educating healthcare professionals and patients alike to the benefits and likely outcomes of all treatment options is one we welcome. We are pleased to partner with BXTAccelyon with the aim of improving the overall patient experience and delivering the best possible health outcomes.”

BXTAccelyon will be launching monthly workshops, to train healthcare professionals on the PrecisionPointTM Transperineal Access System method. They will take place as a joint initiative between The Urology Centre at Guy’s Hospital and the new, state-of-the-art HCA Facility of London Bridge Hospital at Guy’s which is situated on the top four floors of the new Cancer Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in London from August 2017. For more information on course details and availability, please contact Emily Jarrold on emily.jarrold@bxt-accelyon.com.