webBXT is a unique e-commerce platform providing online ordering, convenient data management and automated seed calculation and order generation. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, webBXT offers our customers the opportunity to transform seed ordering practices, efficiently manage data and optimise resources all in one online resource.

“WebBXT is a state of the art user friendly ordering platform. We found the software is well designed and provides both flexibility and confidence in the ordering process. The software requires a second confirmation before the final order is submitted to the manufacturer. This extra step provides an independent check for order accuracy and completeness. WebBXT makes the ordering process easy and efficient. “

Dr. William KeoughConsultant Clinical Scientist,  Head of Brachytherapy.

Edinburgh Cancer Centre, Western General Hospital 

Convenient, fast and reliable, webBXT offers:

  • Remote log-in capability
  • Reduced paperwork and improved traceability
  • Online order forms, confirmations and invoices
  • Email updates on order tracking and status
  • Streamlined authorisation processes and audit logs
  • Automated seed usage reporting
  • Complete document storage
  • Confidence for you and your patients
  • A robustly tested platform developed to e-banking standards
  • Complete anonymity of all patient data
  • Access to 4D Brachytherapy™ and unique online order calculation for pre-loaded kits in a one-step procedure
  • Order fulfilment with BXTAccelyon products – selected and specified to the highest standards

For further information about how to start using webBXT for your seeding ordering contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 1628 308420 or email or visit https://webbxt.com

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