Specialist nurses and the treatment of prostate cancer

Specialist nurses are at the centre of prostate cancer care, providing help and support throughout every stage of the patient pathway, from discussing possible symptoms and early diagnosis through to treatment options and the treatment itself.

Urology nurses have specialist expertise that enables them to plan and deliver treatment to patients. Having intense patient contact over several weeks means that their care, support and knowledge is vital in helping to ensure successful outcomes from patients’ chosen treatment,

‘’Patients will often build a rapport with their nurse specialist, which is very different to their relationship with the medical team. They feel more able to ask questions openly to the nurse specialist and often the Nurse Specialist will help to provide an unbiased view of treatment options, bringing a holistic view to the patient and their family’’ Donna Higgins
Brachytherapy Nurse Specialist at Royal Surrey County Hospital.
With more and more men opting for brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer, BXTAccelyon has been working closely with specialist nurses to keep them updated and informed on the latest developments in LDR brachytherapy, the positive outcomes of the treatment and the reduced side effects compared to other treatments.

In a recent story, MP Michael Fabricant who had been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, has highlighted the shortage of specialist prostate cancer nurses. He has urged the Government to act quickly to ensure the right level of workforce are in place for prostate cancer patients.

Prostate Cancer UK nurses were recently invited to attend a briefing on LDR brachytherapy by Consultant Clinical Oncologist Robert Laing, from St Luke’s Cancer Centre, Guildford. He discussed LDR brachytherapy and explained the side effects of brachytherapy versus surgery.

BXTAccelyon has also been working closely with BAUN, the British Association of Urology Nurses. The charity, which aims to promote education and maintain the highest standards in the practice and treatment of patients, holds an annual conference..

BXTAccelyon’s John Alden, Commercial Director Northern Europe, will attend the event. “BXTAccelyon is proud to be sponsoring the 2016 annual BAUN meeting. As part of our continuing effort to support Specialist Urology nurses we have created an information pack and tutorial update on LDR brachytherapy, available from our exhibition stand at 35B. Please do come and see us for any more information’’

Whether it’s helping men get questions together for their next GP or hospital appointment, or being able to make sense of the treatment decisions they may have to make, specialist nurses are at the heart of prostate cancer care.

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