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Na BXTA estamos focados em tratar o cancro da próstata. Acreditamos que todos os homens e as suas famílias, preocupados com a possibilidade de revelarem sintomas de cancro da próstata, merecem ter acesso aos melhores apoios e cuidados – do diagnóstico ao tratamento.

LDR Brachytherapy is a proven effective and minimally invasive prostate cancer therapy with significant quality of life benefits over alternative treatments. Unfortunately, it’s frequently overlooked as a treatment option, because the standard route for patients with suspected prostate cancer does not always recognise LDR brachytherapy as an option.

That’s why we’re committed to raising awareness of LDR Brachytherapy and ensuring patients are well-informed about their options. If you’ve had LDR Brachytherapy for your prostate cancer or are currently undergoing treatment, we’d love to hear your story.

We’re energised by the conversations we see online where people share their experiences and knowledge to benefit others. By sharing your story with us, you can help us better understand the treatment pathway you experienced and inform others about the benefits of LDR Brachytherapy.
If you would like to share your story please fill in the contact form below and a member of our marketing team or marketing partner will get in touch with you. You are not obliged to share your story and your permission will be requested.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against prostate cancer.

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