Brachytherapy: most effective treatment for prostate cancer

February 2016

Seed or LDR brachytherapy has emerged as the most effective treatment for long-term survival according to the findings from an international study comparing prostate cancer outcomes.

The Prostate Cancer Results Study Group involving a panel of experts from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and The Netherlands conducted a literature review of published studies between 2000–2015 involving over 52,000 men with localised prostate cancer.

“Brachytherapy results in similar cure rates to prostate surgery but with less impotence and urinary incontinence” 

Dr Jeremy Millar

The study compared the outcomes from treatments involving robotic radical prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate), radical prostatectomy, proton therapy, cryotherapy, External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), and Seed Brachytherapy – concluding there to be a higher cancer control success rate for Brachytherapy for all groups over all other treatments.

Press Articles

The study has received a lot of press attention since its release. You can read two of the main artices here:

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View the article in The Australian

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