LDR brachytherapy making headlines

It has long been recognised as one of the most successful treatments for prostate cancer, but recently LDR brachytherapy – also known as seed brachytherapy, seed implantation and seed radiation brachytherapy – has been making even more headlines than normal, with prostate cancer patients talking about their decision to have LDR brachytherapy to treat their prostate cancer.

The story of Elvis impersonator Alan Moore featured across the national press, with pieces in the Daily Mail, The Express and the Yorkshire Evening Post. In these articles Mr Moore discussed his diagnosis with prostate cancer and how he was initially told he would have to have his prostate removed. Talking about his decision to treat the disease with LDR brachytherapy the 58-year-old said, “The treatment gave me virtually no pain and very little life disruption and best of all the cancer is gone”. Just 2 days after undergoing the procedure the performer was back on stage performing his idol’s greatest hits.

World famous dancer Wayne Sleep opened up about his prostate cancer diagnosis and why he chose seed (LDR) brachytherapy to treat it. The former Royal Ballet dancer, 67, told The Mirror how after hip replacement surgery a blood test revealed raised PSA levels, an indicator of prostate cancer. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. Talking about his decision to have brachytherapy treatment he recalled how his doctor told him ‘I could have radiotherapy, which would have meant several visits to hospital. But I was going to film The Real Marigold Hotel in India and I didn’t want to miss that opportunity. The other option we discussed was brachytherapy where tiny radioactive pellets are put into the prostate to kill the cancer. So I went for that.’ Within two weeks Mr. Sleep was on a plane to India to film.

Previously The Who drummer Kenney Jones has also talked about being diagnosed with prostate cancer, and how 4D brachytherapy successfully treated the disease. Read more http://www.bxt-accelyon.com/#!kenney-jones-article/cmwd7

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. When detected early rates of survival are high. LDR brachytherapy is a targeted form or internal radiation which involves tiny radioactive seeds (the size of a grain of rice) being placed within the prostate. This effective and minimally invasive treatment offers significant quality of life benefits over other forms of prostate cancer treatment. Find out more about LDR brachytherapy treatment.

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