As sementes em cadeia da BXTA combinam a tecnologia comprovada do produto com inovadoras características práticas:

  • AgX100 seed for confidence in clinical performance and acccurate imaging
  • Braided polyglactin strand for security of placement
  • Easy to use shield cutting block facilitates preparation and reduces risk of radiation exposure
  • Choice of 5-seed and 6-seed strand configurations to better meet requirements of brachytherapy


As sementes em cadeia da BXTA combinam a tecnologia comprovada do produto com inovadoras características práticas:

  • Unique and exclusive stranding material that combines proven product technology
  • Special glycolide/L-Lactide composition for longer absorption period 
  • Improved visibility on ultrasound for clear visualisation of seed deposition 
  • No requirement for leading spacer so confidence in dosing to base 



IsoLoader is a flexible, quick and convenient intra-operative solution to creating high quality strands within the operating room.

  • Simple to use, quality engineered device enables customised strands to be built in real time with a sterile environment
  • Unique technology encapsulates the seeds securely within the strand to prevent separation after implantation
  • Strands can be loaded directly into pre-plugged and Plug-Free needles, or into transfer tubes and after-loaded
  • Stranded and variable load seed/spacer combinations possible, ideal for central needle loads.

View the IsoLoader video

Pre-plugged Needles

Brachytherapy needles developed to streamline seed loading process. The needles have a silicon coating for ease of insertion and have a polished inside diameter for smooth seed deployment. The needle tips are echo enhanced for ultrasound visualization and electropolished for superior sharpness. Round and square hub needles have foil hub markers to indicate the bevel tip orientation and centimeter markings for depth placement. Custom colours, sizes, and configurations are available.

Embalagem individual testada e estéril para cadeias BXTA

Unique, exclusive packaging that enables strand activity measurement without compromising sterility. Saves time and cost as source holders do not require repeat autoclaving. Strand  assay can be performed at a  time that is convenient for the implant team.

Cutting Block

Exclusive strand cutting device for the precise cutting and loading of stranded seeds into brachytherapy needles.  Allows custom cutting within an easy to use radioprotective loading assembly. Autoclavable. 

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