BXTAccelyon and Hitachi Medical Systems to support #TRexit

BXTAccelyon and Hitachi Medical Systems to support #TRexit
As the national campaign to eradicate traditional transrectal (TRUS) biopsies from the prostate cancer pathway gains momentum, BXTAccelyon is pleased to announce a training and promotion partnership with Hitachi Medical Systems UK.
Approaching 100 centres across England are now using the PrecisionPoint biopsy device, which allows transperineal (TP) biopsies to be conducted under local anaesthetic, helping to decrease infection rates and allowing for convenient, freehand access within an outpatient environment.
Hitachi Medical Systems offers the most extensive and innovative product range – from portable to high-end ultrasounds – to meet the needs of today’s urologists across a wide range of urological applications. Working closely with BXTAccelyon, HMS offer a range of ultrasound platforms and urology transducers; PrecisionPoint is compatible with all Hitachi probes, whether a TRUS or TP probes, which means that centres can switch to LA TP without needing to invest heavily in new equipment.
While we are delighted with the progress of the #TRexit campaign, more needs to be done to raise awareness of freehand LA TP targeted and systematic prostate biopsies to enhance prostate diagnosis throughout the NHS and across Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland.
Ultrasound education is key and Hitachi is committed to providing support for BXTAccelyon’s dedicated monthly training courses at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital run by Mr Rick Popert, Consultant Urologist, delivering best practice urology ultrasound within a first-class learning environment.
For more information, please call BXTAccelyon on +44 1628 308420 or Hitachi Medical Systems at b.dowell@hitachi-medical-systems.com