Announcement. NICE recommendations on Local Anaesthetic Transperineal (LATP) Biopsies


BXTA welcomes the publication of the new NICE guidelines for undertaking prostate biopsies which recommend that:

“Local anaesthetic transperineal (LATP) prostate biopsy using the freehand needle positioning device PrecisionPoint is recommended as an option for diagnosing prostate cancer.”

Since early 2018 and the launch of the PrecisionPoint device, BXTA has led the transformation of UK prostate biopsy practice to the LATP method from the previously established transrectal procedure. Through partnering with over 200 hospitals, providing extensive training and continuous clinical support, BXTA has helped them deliver a reduction in biopsy-related infections (including sepsis 1 ) as well as freeing up valuable operating theatre resource. This transformation to LATP has now positioned the UK as the leading worldwide provider of safe and efficient prostate biopsy procedures.

BXTA’s mission remains to ensure all hospitals in the UK have access to the best technology and support to perform the safest and most effective prostate biopsies possible. By doing so, this will deliver the best possible outcomes for patients, while also providing opportunities for healthcare practitioners, such as clinical nurse specialists, to have a positive impact on the prostate cancer pathway. We look forward to continuing our successful LATP partnership with UK hospitals and supporting their focus on achieving best practice in prostate cancer care.

For any enquires please contact Saheed Rashid on +44 (0)7979 327526 or email

  1. “TREXIT 2020”: why the time to abandon transrectal prostate biopsy starts now. J Grummet, MA Gorin, R Popert, T O’Brien, AD. Lamb, B Hadaschik, et al. 2020