The IsoLoader

As technology and computer software becomes more advanced, so does the speed and efficiency of the administration of brachytherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer. Low dose rate brachytherapy can now be administered as a single stage procedure, meaning that patients can be treated in matter of hours, often returning home the same day with the procedure itself taking less than one hour.

4D Brachytherapy is the newest, most innovative way of carrying out this single stage procedure using pre-loaded stranded seeds and optimally placed central seeds ordered specifically for each individual patient as a result of a single scan. One of the most ideally suited tools used to perform 4D Brachytherapy is BXTAccelyon’s latest quality engineered device – the IsoLoader.

The IsoLoader is a flexible, quick and convenient intra-operative solution to create high quality strands within the operating room. It is simple to use and enables customized strands to be built in real-time within a sterile environment. In addition, custom strands can be built rapidly providing convenience for operating team and reducing anesthetic time. The IsoLoader’s unique technology contains the seeds within each strand to ensure they do not become separated after implantation.

BXTAccelyon are one of the leading brachytherapy partners to hospitals and clinics worldwide. We supply a wide range of devices & equipment used in low dose rate brachytherapy (including 4D Brachytherapy) to treatment centres across the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Individual practices can order these products via the simple to use online ordering system webBXT.