Slade star undergoes brachytherapy to treat prostate cancer

Jim Lea, bass player for Slade, has revealed he has been battling prostate cancer for more than two years. In a bid to help others who may be going through a similar situation, he agreed to an exclusive radio interview for Paul Franks’ show on 95.6FM BBC WM. Here, he discusses his own personal battle with prostate cancer and gives an extremely candid view of the treatments he underwent.

Jim explains he was diagnosed with high risk prostate cancer, which he was able to undergo brachytherapy treatment for in Leeds. Speaking about his treatment, Jim comments: “They were very good to me and we love Leeds now. We go up there just to go to the hospital to check me out. It worked out really well”.

Following on from his brachytherapy treatment, Jim is now undergoing hormone therapy, which he is due to complete in August of this year. Hormone therapy is not a prerequisite of brachytherapy or a cure for prostate cancer in its own right, but in some cases of localised prostate cancer it may be offered alongside a patient’s main treatment.

About LDR Brachytherapy

After a diagnosis of prostate cancer, patients will be offered a range of different treatment options. If the prostate cancer is localised, brachytherapy may be a suitable option. Low dose-rate (LDR) brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy whereby small seeds (the size of a grain of rice) are implanted in the affected area.

In comparison with surgery brachytherapy is a much less invasive treatment with fewer side effects. Erectile dysfunction and loss of bladder control is less common, and patients have shorter recovery times, often returning to work and / or sporting activities within two weeks of the procedure.